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The Outback Art Academy Course is now open for registration.  
Budding artists can join the course at any time, referring to the lessons at any time in the future, 
and engaging with other participants in our private group.
Welcome to the Outback Art Academy

Close your eyes with me...
We then shut down our busy minds...

Are you ready to lift your spirits?

When we give ourselves permission to enter into a different space, we feel the beauty of creating... 

All it takes from you is a commitment to make the time for you.  It really is as simple as drawing that line in the sand.

If you have been aspiring to bring your inner artist to life, 
this step-by-step course provides you with personal guidance on how to get started making art.

In this series of lessons, you will be guided to learn different artistic techniques. 
You will build the confidence to find your own creative style.
I promise we will have lots of fun in the process. 

Being creative is one path towards happiness.
 If you are longing to be artistic in life, all you require to bring to this course is your enthusiasm.

Client reviews

It was March 2020 and Covid lockdowns had begun. Our incredibly hectic business life had considerably quietened down and I found myself, not with spare time, but just with a little extra time to join in something that would allow me to explore my creative side.  I only managed to squeeze in a few of the Facebook lives in the iso-art course Belinda conducted but it was life changing. I had never painted before and didn’t even know what paints to start with. I was lucky enough to be able to buy a few supplies and start brushing some colour onto the page. Belinda‘s instructions made it seem easy and the variation of techniques, simple and yet challenging, were exactly what I needed as a beginner to start exploring the world of art. I can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for us all through her new course. I can highly recommend jumping in ! Are you even a little bit tempted?  Don’t hesitate - go for it!! You will  have an amazing time and create masterpieces that you thought were never possible. 


I just cannot wait to get back into creating with Belinda’s next art course. I simply loved the time that I had with Belinda last year doing Iso Art Escape. I found its a real gift in treating yourself with some time out while learning a new skill. You’ll pick up a paintbrush, gain purpose a learn a new skill, with Belinda holding your hand in every paint stroke. I found my time to be calming and nurturing as Belinda has a beautiful way of teaching, and encouraging at the same time. I created masterpieces that I never imagined with a couple of frame-ables. I also loved how I enjoyed the group and the company and comments of the others whilst we all listened along with the instructions. The other fabulous part of Iso Art Escape was that I could get back to it at any time of the day if I couldn’t make the class. New friendships were formed, a new outlook on life and an inspired new way to see through the eyes of an artist made it all very worthwhile. I can’t wait to get into the next phase of life with doing Belinda’s next course. 


Mother Earth is living, and we all need to start living.
 Life is not about speeding up, it is actually about slowing right down, to make time for ourselves and to connect with the inner creative self.
I invite you to infuse yourself with your spirit, to start relaxing, and to step into my invitation to explore and to create.

Give the Gift of Art  
If you are looking for a gift idea for a birthday or an anniversary  - a voucher for a loved one who is longing to dive into being creative could be the perfect arty present. 

This is the perfect gift for a loved one to step into making art as a part of their everyday life. 

Purchase a gift voucher today.

Who is the Workshop for?

The workshop is open to beginner and intermediate painters learning new techniques, and perhaps refreshing skills.

Lessons are pre-recorded and designed so that when you can make the time to sit and create, you will find it is easy to focus on the step-by-step videos. 

In each video I will talk you through the entire creative process as we paint together. 

Over the eight-week course, one lesson will drop into the container each week.

The lessons are designed to build your confidence, whilst having fun, and leaning into your individual creative  style. Simply bring along your openness to play.

Belinda's Story 

I have been painting professionally for 23 years.  I am a watercolourist and paint on a private commission basis working to a brief. I have always loved teaching, both adults and children in-person workshops. 

Last year my world changed when I saw a post by a friend on social media.  Robbie detailed how she was feeling with the onset of Covid-19 and how simply, by choosing to do one painting to relieve the stress, anxiety and depression, she was able to take away her worries when painting, and felt instantly better for being creative on that one chosen evening. 

When I saw Robbie’s post, it was my call to action. I wrote the content and delivered an online painting course, called ‘IsoArtEscape’. 

I delivered IsoArtEscape as a result of many people contacting me and wanting to learn to paint online. It took a few days for everyone to settle in, I witnessed the participants overcome their fears and became more comfortable with their brushes, paper, colour, application, and they developed the belief that they could produce beautiful paintings with practice and guidance. Complete strangers felt comfortable to share and exchange conversation around mental health. So much goodness, expansion, and courage came as a result of my teachings in IsoArtEscape. 

I always relish time alone in my studio, so it has been a perfect time for knuckling right down with few interruptions. If it hadn’t been for Covid-19, I would not have had been gifted the opportunity to write the content and create online learning.  

What Will You Learn? 

I am delighted to present to you the first workshop in the Outback Art Academy. 

We will be creating fun artworks with subjects relating to Australia. 

If you have not been painting for a while, you will learn to let go and to loosen up. 

In each class you will learn a different medium, eg watercolour, charcoal, pen and ink, drawing, and acrylic. 

You will be guided in how to use each medium, and to learn different techniques. 

This series of lessons is all about giving you a creative place and confidence  to develop your own unique style.

What Materials Will You Need?

You will only require a few basic materials to get started. 

I’m a big believer that you don’t need a lot of expensive art supplies to create. 

I instruct you to set up your art space so that it is comfortable. I outline further suggestions in the workshop for a permanent set up. Setting up a dedicated workspace will enable you to allow your creativity to flourish. Packing up at the end of the day is no fun, so a card table or a corner of the kitchen table will do.  When I started learning to paint, my mother was rattling away on her sewing machine on one end of the table and I was at the other end painting fine detail!

What Is Included in the Course

JOIN AT ANY TIME /  Registration for the course is now open, and you may join in at any time.

LIFETIME ACCESS  / This course is 100% online and you’ll have lifetime access, so you can access all of the content at any time.

TIPS & TRICKS  / With each lesson, I include my favourite tips and tricks to fast-track you to enjoying your creative process. 

Video Content

I talk you through the creative process as I paint, and we then paint together in the step-by-step process. I have structured the lessons so you will receive an overall approach to creating art. 

Australia is the subject, and I have lots of surprises for you as the course unfolds. In addition to learning techniques to create finished paintings, there will be short videos for you to learn different approaches to how you would like a painting to look.

DOWNLOAD YOUR NOTES / You will receive notes  with simple step-by-step instructions. to print off to assist you with drawing if you like.

Amazing Community

We have built a private Facebook group for students to connect and share. This is a safe container with a friendly environment in which you can support and learn from one another. 

Feedback & Support

I am available to answer your questions and provide feedback in our private Facebook group. 

I LOVE to see your work, and to hear about how you are progressing week by week. 

"We all need to find time in our week, to do something we deeply enjoy"